Get EDWOSB or WOSB Certified for FREE* 
*Yes, that's right, you can self certify your woman owned small business into the EDWOSB or WOSB program for FREE. When you join the association, the certification kit is free to our members. As a member of the association you get instant access to the certification kit, plus a lot of other great benefits. 
We've done the hard work of researching and assembling all the necessary documents.  

We've written the step-by-step guide.  

We've created this "Do-it-Yourself Certification Kit" to make it easy for you.

There are fours ways to certify your business into the ED/WOSB program:

  1. Self Certify: The SBA allows you to self certify your company into the WOSB or EDWOSB program. The SBA set up this option to be free, but it is very confusing to most business owners. Our self certification kit will help guide you through the whole process.
  2. Use your existing 8a Certification: If your company is an existing 8a company, you may use this option.  This method is similar to the self certification process, but requires less paperwork. You will still need the self certification kit instructions to guide you through the registration process. Once you've joined the association, let us know that you are an existing 8a company and we'll let you know which documents are needed.
  3. Use your existing DBE Certification: For companies which have existing state DBE certifications, you may use this option to complete your ED/WOSB certification. You will need our self certification kit to guide you through the registration process. Once you've joined the association, let us know that you are an existing DBE company and we'll let you know which documents are needed.
  4. Use a 3rd Party Certifying Organization: The SBA has approved four organizations to be 3rd party certifying entities. The cost for the 3rd party services is around $500 - $600.  For about the same, you can join the association, get help with your certification and still reap the additional benefits of being an association member. 


  • Win set-aside federal contracts worth up to $4 million & $6.5 million for manufacturing (federal goal 5%)
  • Win subcontracting projects with large prime contractors (subcontracting mandate 5%)
  • Equal the playing field with other programs such as HUBZone, SDVOSB & 8a
  • Future Mentor Protégé program for ED/WOSB
  • New easier processes and guidelines for contracting officers to award set-aside contracts to WOSB’s
  • No term limit in the program.  For as long as you are a small business, you will remain in the program
  • No long approval process. The minute you submit your documents, you're instantly certified
  • No 2 year wait period.  You can start a new woman owned business today and get certified the next day
  • Approved 83 Industries: Qualification by NAICS codes
  • Rule of 2 for WOSB on 45 industries
  • No Rule of 2 for edWOSB on 38 industries
  • Limited competition, only 59,564 woman businesses are registered in SAM/CCR; 20,533 have NOT obtained ED/WOSB certification


  • ED/WOSB Do-it-Yourself Certification Step-by-Step Guide
  • ED/WOSB Self Certification Checklist
  • SBA GLS Repository Guide
  • SAM.gov Registration Guide
  • SAM.gov Migration from CCR to SAM Guide
  • 83 NAICS Code Qualification List
  • Form: Request for Transcript
  • Form: WOSB Application
  • Form: EDWOSB Application
  • Form: Personal Financial Statement
  • For 8a or DBE companies, please contact us so we can give you additional information to reduce the paperwork needed

Get certified early to beat out your competitors.  Save money by doing it yourself.

We are providing this "Do-it-Yourself Certification Kit" to all new members or renewing members of the association, regardless of which membership level you choose. All membership levels gain instant access to the certification kit below.

Join the association today for immediately access. (limited time offer)


The Complete ED/WOSB

Do-it-Yourself Certification Kit

 ED/WOSB Do-it-Yourself Certification Guide  
 ED/WOSB Self Certification Checklist  
 SBA GLS Repository Guide  
 SAM.gov Registration Guide  
 SAM.gov Migration from CCR to SAM Guide  
 83 NAICS Code Qualification List  
 Form A: Request for Transcript  
 Form B: WOSB Application  
 Form C: EDWOSB Application  
 Form D: Personal Financial Statement  

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